AdventureWorks Database


AdventureWorks Sample Database

AdventureWorks is a free sample database of retail sales data that is used in the examples and practice exercises in my books and training. I have a modified version of the AdventureWorks database that I use for these purposes.  You will need this modified database to complete the sample exercises.

About the Adventureworks Database File

There are 2 versions of the AdventureWorks database in excel that you will find in your downloaded zip file. Adventure Works 2005 and Adventure Works 2020. Both are identical in data content except that there is a difference of 15 years in the sales dates.

Adventure Works 2005

This is the original version of Adventure Works (I call it Adventure Works 2005) that I used in my books Learn to Write DAX,  Supercharge Power BI (2nd edition) and Supercharge Excel (2nd edition).

AdventureWorks 2020

This is a modified version of the AdventureWorks database that I used for Supercharge Power BI – 3rd edition – I call it Adventure Works 2020. It is identical in data content to the original version of Adventure Works (Adventure Works 2005) except that

  1. I have added 15 years to the original dates.
  2. I have added 20 years to the birth dates in the Customer table.

Which Version of AdventureWorks Database to Use?

The simple answer is that you can use either – the data content is the same. You may just need to allow for the 15 year difference when checking some of your answers.

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