March 31, 2023
Less than a minute

Back in April 2022, I wrote an article called Poor Man’s Paginated Reports. That article covered an easy way to create a paginated report without having to learn how to use paginated report builder. Sometime since then, Microsoft has released the ability to create a simple paginate report online inside...

March 14, 2023
4 minutes

I do a lot of Power BI model and report development; maybe you do too. There’s nothing worse than spending an hour or so developing your model only to have something go wrong and you lose your work. Things that can go wrong include: At the time of writing, there...

March 7, 2023
4 minutes

Microsoft has just announced the general availability (GA) of the integration of Power BI with PowerPoint. I have previously blogged about this feature here => Power BI Live Embedding. With the recent GA announcement comes a significant improvement over the public preview version. Power BI Single Visual Embedding in PowerPoint...

November 30, 2022
2 minutes

The Power BI Matrix visual is similar to an Excel Pivot table, however there are quite a few limitations in the Matrix. In the Power BI Matrix below I have put the product categories on Rows, Calendar Year on Columns and the measure [Total Sales] on Values. At this point,...

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